Bitcoin t-shirt

Bitcoin t-shirt

On November 13, f2pool announcedBitcoin t-shirt that some of the mine pool services were abnormal at 04:40-05:30 on November 3. For the mining income lost by customers affected during the abnormal period, the f2pool fish pool will complete the accounting and make compensation as soon as possible.

BTC reached its peak of 19300usdt in the afternoon and then began to fall back. It dived once in the day and dropped to 18606.00usdt at the lowest, and then began to rebound slightly. BTC is now trading at 18778.73 usdt, down 0.14% within the day.

Two developers of the iota community, Martin Neubauer and huhn, recently released a new version of tip bot. For legal reasons, the old community tip BOT had to be shut down. As a result, the two developers found a new solution. The tool is currently in the testing stage, conforming to Bafin standard, mainly used for telegram and discord.

In order to protect the interests of investors, guard against financial violations and maintain financial stability, China's regulatory authorities have adopted more stringent supervision over private digital currency transactions and related businesses such as special currency. At the same time, we should accelerate the process of legal tender digitization, actively formulate and modify the prototype scheme of legal digital currency, explore and study digital RMB, and promote the process of legal tender digitization in China. The central bank's digital currency may help to improve the level of financial supervision. At the same time, it is necessary to pay more attention to the speed of financial assets and financial contagion.

At present, the total value of the mobile token of uniswap is about 1.68 billion US dollars (- 0.59%), and the 24-hour transaction volume is about 355 million US dollars (+ 26.79%). The top three token of increase: BAC (+ 49.56%), YFV (+ 35.67%) and mph (+ 31.95%); the first three token of decline: gain (- 36.97%), EDC (- 26.97%), zzz (- 17.31%).

On November 27, Officially, the community has put forward a new proposal to create a new yfi governance library, which will be stored in makerdao to cast Dai, which should be used for the year pledge mining project. According to the proposal, deBitcoin t-shirtpositors in the governance repository will charge management fees and a portion of pledged mining profits, while the rest will be used to support agreement sponsors, such as security audit platform y academy and provide vulnerability rewards. The governance pool will replace the current governance interests.

Watt contract risk tips: the recent market volatility is large, please control the position, do a good job in risk control.