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From tBitcoin Miamihe technical point of view, gold short-term expected to maintain a volatile trend.

After the listing of Shanghai and Shenzhen 300etf options and stock index options, some private placement plans to improve the existing trading strategies and develop more abundant strategies and products.

Today's gold trend analysis and operational recommendations gold fell back to a lower level yesterday (July 16), with a narrow range of consolidation and transition in the Asian and European plate, and pressure near the rebound. The U.S. market fell to a low of 1400. Strong growth in U.S. retail sales eased worries about the U.S. economy, and lowered the expectation that the Federal Reserve may significantly cut interest rates later this month, The gold price closed at 1402. The daily chart closed on the negative line. The daily chart and weekly line were still in the box range. Yesterday's opening was above the 10 day line, and the US market was under pressure and closed below the 10 day line. Today's opening was below the 10 day line, and the short-term was weak, Today may further explore 1390-1385 to seek support. Combined with the strong daily line of the US dollar, today's slightly volatile in the high position, gold will also bear pressure inertia fall back; pay attention to Duan Haoyu prestige dhy776, timely understand the market information, grasp the general trend, help you steady profit! Short line chart: the small platform was blocked at 1418 in 4 hours. After a long time of horizontal trading, it was still under pressure. Finally, it was close to the Qiansi pass. Because the downward exploration failed to close to the high point, the opening of the next day was at a low level, which made the probability of 4-hour under break relatively high. In the short-term, first look at the inertial downward exploration, relying on the rebound high 1413 at the end of yesterday to do strong and weak defense, Under this position, the rebound 1408-1406 will be empty first. Then, the U.S. plate will combine with the box section lower rail support 1385-1383, and then arrange the backhand operation, 7-17 (Wednesday) gold operation advice: 1407-1408 short short short-term loss 1413 target 1398-1393. Real time guidance real-time remind the entry and exit point, winning posture can not block investment, don't worry about making yourself rich overnight, also want to make yourself valuable, in the process of investment, cultivate their own mentality, improve their inner experience, calm, do not greedy, do not When investing, if you are confused, you think too much and do too little. Why do you set up a single? Because you are greedy, why don't you make money? Because you think too much, you don't make money,

The U.S. market has a rebound can directly enter empty, and we again dry empty position is 1875 line, rebound to this position, the consequences of empty! 2. At present, the supports under the gold are 1860 and 1850 respectively. If we break the position of 1850, there may be a waterfall wave! No break before we rebound high altitude repeated approach can! If gold in 1883 above long short is not clear, and now the short trend is obvious, dry short is our only strategy! (the above views only represent Chen Yilin's personal views, and do not make a basis for trading. Therefore, you should be responsible for your own profits and losses.

Innovation cycle, policy cycle and capital cycle resonate to welcome the golden age of hard core assets.

As a result, the trading volume of cryptocurrency in India has risen sharply, and many overseas crypto companies have begun to enter the InBitcoin Miamidian market.

More long-term financing is being provided to banks that increase lending, including additional financing to banks that provide more loans to SMEs.

The second is to put an end to the situation and plan for the future.